New in the shop: O'Doud's Apothecary

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Welcome O'Douds Apothecary to Loyal Stricklin

Loyal Stricklin was never meant to just be a leather goods company. That's why you don't see leather in our name.  While that is what we're all about (let's face it. that's mostly what we do!), we intentionally made our slogan "Handcrafted and American Made" so that we could expand into quality, American made goods of any type, while also provide our customers with an insight into the very goods we use ourselves.  O'doud's is just that. Started by Clayton Douds in his kitchen in Houston, Texas, O'Douds is a line of all natural apothecary goods ranging from pomade, to shampoo, soaps, cologne and more.

Now residing in Brooklyn, O'douds was never intended as a full fledged business, but started as a hobby, just like us.  Through old fashioned hard work, a ton of research, and the spirit of the American dream alive and well, O'douds' has crafted a beautiful (and crazy good smelling!) line of apothecary goods that we not only have in our own bathroom, but our proud to purvey on our own site.

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