Work Trouser - Nihon Menpu Hemp / Cotton Blend

Work Trouser - Nihon Menpu Hemp / Cotton Blend

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Work Trouser - Hemp/Cotton Japanese Selvedge Denim

4 months wear

4 months wear. 1 wash.

Sometimes when looking through denim swatches, it all begins to blur together. Denims look the same and it can be tough to pick something unique from a square piece of fabric the size of your palm.  This beautiful hemp/cotton blend denim from Nihon Menpu jumped right out at us though.
Slubby, neppy, and breathable, this denim is a perfect mid-heavy weight that will fade beautifully. I've been wearing the photographed pair for 4 months straight now, and couldn't be happier with the fit, finish, texture, and comfort of these trousers.


shown when new.
Hemp as a material is known for being an excellent warm weather fabric; something we don't take for granted living in the hot and humid south. Hemp blends allow noticeably more air flow and ventilation than your standard denim.
Our first release is a true small batch, with only 14 pairs available. Our supplier is unfortuantely out, but rest assured this denim is going to be a staple to our product line when we're able to get more, but for now, it's first come, first served.


All sizes are in stock and ship within 1-2 weeks of ordering.
All inseam length are 36 standard, with complimentary hemming available upon request. Simply add your inseam size in the ntoes section of the cart at checkout. please note, these will shrink 1" in inseam length the first time you wash them, so take that into account. we noticed no other shrinking after two washes, except for that standard "my pants fit tighter out of the dryer" feeling. They will stretch back out in width by the end of the day that first day.
Care is simple: wash cold, no spin, hang dry for longest life. we recommend wearing these at least 30 times before your first wash, then regularly as needed after that.

We hope you love 'em.
-Michael Stricklin
Founder + Creative Director / Loyal Stricklin
    •        15oz Hemp/Cottonn Blend Selvedge Denim from Nihon Menpu in Japan
    •        10oz Cotton Pocket Bags
    •        Antique Brass "Loyal" Buttons and studs
    •        Reinforcing bartacks throughout
    •        Sewn with Tex 80 Polycore Cotton Thread
    •        Italian Back Patch with Yellowhammer Detail
    •        Lined Back Pocket
    •        8 belt loops for support
    •        Right Thigh Pocket
    •        Signature Tennessee Wheatgrass Backpocket Detail
    •        Handmade in our Nashville Studio


Work Trouser / Nihon Menpu Hemp/Cotton Blend