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Shipping Schedule 2/26-3/20/18

The week of February 26th, we are relocating to Nashville, TN from our current location in Opelika, AL. Below is a shipping schedule during our move:

2/26 All previous shipments will be sent, unless otherwise noted via email after your order or in the item listing.

2/27 Limited Shipment service

2/28 - 3/7 NO SHIPPING. We will be packing, moving, and unloading these days.

3/8- 3/20 Limited Shipment service as we unpack everything and get settled. Most everything will be able to go out, but bags may be delayed until the 20th. Please contact us for a better estimate if you need a bag for a special event or certain date.

We should be back to normal business by the 20th. If you ordered a bag between 2/26-3/20, we will get it to you as soon as we can, but will otherwise ship it by the end of March, unless otherwise notified.


If you have any questions, we're happy to answer during the moving process! Please email us at


Thanks for your patience and support! We can't wait to open our new studio to the public.

Loyal Stricklin