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Leatherworking Basics - 3 hours - June 13th 6-9pm

Leatherworking Basics - 3 hours - June 13th 6-9pm

In this class, you will learn how to design and make your own card wallet. We have two options: design and cut your own, or you can use precut leather pieces from one of our designs and instead focus on the other skills taught in the course.

We will do a short run down of the tools required, teach you about the types of glues used in leatherwork and when to use them, how to hand cut your pieces, how to make the seams flush, how to properly saddle stitch, and how to treat and finish the edges of the leather. 

You will leave the class with a finished card wallet like the one in the photo below. There will be multiple colors available to choose from at the class.

 Limit 4 people per class.

Leatherworking Basics -Card Wallet -3 hours 

Basic Skills you will learn:                  

-saddle stiching

-edge beveling

-burnishing and finishing

Soft drinks, water, and coffee will be provided.


No refunds if you cancel or can't make the class. First come first served