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Minimalist Edison Wallet - Sample Sale


Minimalist Edison Wallet - Sample Sale

Inevitably in production, we might mess up, cutting a product out of a piece of leather with a stain, or a scar, or placing a logo upside down or in the wrong spot.

These  wallets are just that--samples because we messed up a little, but only aesthetically. These are all perfectly good wallets, but didn't quite pass our normal standards for whatever reason. We believe in quality, but we also believe there's nothing wrong with a little stain here or there or slight color variation, so we're now offering our stockpile up to you for purchase! 

The one you receive will be in a random color. No returns or exchanges on these products. They are sold as is. No worries though, the difference is only aesthetic and does not affect functionality. 

Available online only.


Loyal Stricklin


The Edison Wallet is inspired by the famed American inventor and businessman. During his lifetime, he published well over 1,000 patents both domestic and abroad. Surely this level of invention would not have been possible without some place to scribbled down the constant influx of ideas, notes, and drawings needed to chronicle his relentless pursuit of creation.  

With the Edison Wallet, you're sure to keep track of your next big idea.

This wallet allows for storage of a notebook on one side and your passport on the other and 1 card pocket. Store receipts or additional cards behind the notebook, with a handy interior slot for a pen.

  • 4 oz Horween Chromexcel leather
  • 1 card pocket that easily holds 4+ cards or business cards
  • Waxed and burnished edges and card pockets.
  • Includes one Black Graph Paper Field Notes Brand Notebook and Loyal Stricklin stylus pen.
  • 6" x 4" x 1/4"


  • Use as a journal cover with business cards or as a slim notebook wallet.
  • We hide bigger bills that we don't want seen and cards rarely used in the notebook pocket so that they are accessible only if you open the notebook to the backpage.