Black Chromexcel Horsehide Ryder

Black Chromexcel Horsehide Ryder
With the weather warming up and our jacket leather starting to run low, it was the perfect time to try something a little different for us. When a customer approached us about making a blacked Ryder Rucksack, we suggested we do it out of this black tumbled horsehide Chromexcel from Horween that we've been using for our Leather Wayman Jacket
We don't typically make this bag from leather, as the leather we use it a little too thick for some aspects of this bag design to construct easily. The unique and beautiful thing about this horsehide is that it's a lot stronger than cowhide of the same thickness, so we were able to not only construct the bag, but to line the entire think in olive twill, perfecting matching our leather jacket. 
This bag is available for purchase by request only. Please email us here to place your order. Lead time is 8-10 weeks, mostly due to waiting on new leather to arrive.
  • 3.5oz Black Chromexcel Tumbled Horsehide
  • Solid brass hardware with antique finish
  • Olive Cotton Twill Lining
  • 10oz Italian Leather Straps
  • Double Leather Bottom
  • Padded back
  • Laptop Pocket
  • Magazine Pocjket
  • Zippered front pocket with pen pocket and two small goods pockets
  • Roll top allows bag to expand from 19" tall and 25" tall
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