How to Measure your Jeans

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When you're buying clothes online, it's important to know how to measure to get the right size and fit. We always recommend measuring a pair of pants that you already own that fit really well and order whatever size is closest to those measurements. Best practice is to measure a pair that is freshly washed. worn clothes stretch out a bit, so you could get a size larger than intended on accident.

In between sizes? it could go either way. Order down for a trimmer fit, or order up to play it safe with a slightly looser fit. We recommend going up 1 size if you're in between measurements



Lay a well-fitting pair of pants flat. Pull the front of the jeans up to be even with the back.Measure from side to side. Failure to pull the front even to the back will result in a smaller measurement, and therefore ordering a pair too small.

Front Rise

Measure front the seam at the bottom of the front to the top of the waistband

Back Rise

Flip your pants over and measure from the crotch seam to the top of the back waistband.


Measure 1" down from the crotch seam, and then measure across the thigh


Measure 13" down from the crotch seam and measure across

Leg Opening

Measure across at the leg opening


Measure from the crotch down to the end of the pant leg.