Graphite Alligator Collar with Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Buckle Set

Graphite Alligator Collar with Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Buckle Set

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This was a very special project that we just completed for a local customer here in Nashville.  He came into our shop looking for a simply dog collar, and left deciding to upgrade to Alligator leather after seeing our own shop pup's alligator tail collar. The tannery had just recently released this color, and I fell in love and purchased the skin to get started. 

A few weeks later, the client email me asking to add a special buckle set to it made of sterling silver. I looked around, but didn't really see anything I thought would look good. A few days later, he sends connects me with a local metal artist, Renee Ford of Renee Ford Metals. A few back and forth emails later and we were on a roll. The buckles were done and she brought them by. They are beautiful buckles, that suit the leather and thread choice so well. This ended up being a truly special piece worthy of a display case. 

It's not very often we get to hand over our commissions in person, and the client was absolutely ecstatic, and even had a catered party to show it off to his craft group. This dog doesn't know how lucky he is. 

Similar designs are available at request. This design would also favor a belt.


  • Sterling Silver and Rose gold buckle, D-ring, and belt tip
  • American Tanning Graphite Alligator Skin
  • Italian Vegetable Tanned leather padding and internal stiffeners
  • Bridle Leather Lining
  • Painted and polished edges

If you'd like to commission your own project, email us here.

More photos below:

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