Loyal Bespoke: Ilcea Museum Calf Checkbook Cover

Loyal Bespoke: Ilcea Museum Calf Checkbook Cover

This checkbook cover is made from Ilcea Museum Calf Leather from the Ilcea Tannery in Italy. Ilcea has been making leather since the 1930's and is well known for their premium calfskin leathers and as a supplier to many of the high-end luxury brands.

This leather has a beautiful marbled look with the variation in the dark and light dye pattern and creates a stunning dimension to leather goods. This calf is their top grade and has a nice balance between supple and firm. It's beautiful smooth finish coupled with soft yet firm feel made it an excellent choice for this checkbook cover.
  • Ilcea Museum Calfskin Leather
  • Lined main panel
  • Handstitched with waxed polyester thread.
  • Luxury Creased and Polished Edges
This design is available for $450 in this configuration. Email to order. Other Colors and options are available. Price may vary depending upon options selected.
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