Marbled Horween Shell Cordovan Backpack

We've now completed 4 Shell Cordovan Rayland Backpacks, and this one hands down is my absolutely favorite. Marbled shell cordovan has been my favorite shell color for a long time now, and I was so excited when the client decided it was the color for his bag. Each Shell Bags takes about 4 months from order to ship-date. This bag as shown was $5,500. Email us here in you'd like to order one for yourself.
  • Horween Marbled Shell Cordovan
  • Fully-lined in Tempesti Ibiza Leather - Fieno Color
  • Double Layer Shell Cordovan Straps
  • Hand-hammered Copper Rivets
  • Antique Brass Usant Zippers
  • Shell Cordovan Details
  • Laptop Pocket
  • Zippered Front Pocket
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