Shell Cordovan Backpack

Shell Cordovan Backpack


Shell. Cordovan. Backpack. It's not everyday you see a bag made from this prized leather. It's always been a hope of our to make more than a wallet from this illustrious leather, but has never been something we wished to pursue without a commission due to the long-lead times, extremely high cost (10x our normal leather cost!), small raw material size, and care required in working with this leather.

Back in January of this year, we were approached about making a Shell Cordovan Backpack from a new customer whose love for leather might just surpass our own. After searching around for a company willing to take on the project and failing, he discovered us, reached out, and we were more than happy to take on the order!


After a 4 month wait to receive the leather, we got to work, taking a few hours a day for 3 weeks straight to produce this bag. It features a full Horween Shell Cordovan structure in their bourbon color, including the straps and zipper pulls, with a black french Chevré lining. The interior features a laptop pocket against the back and concealed carry pocket for a handgun, as the customer is a police officer. The bag is finished with antique brass hardware and Swiss-made RiRi zippers. Coppers rivets hold the straps on. Sturdy, high quality materials guarantee reliability and comfort for years to come.

The price and leather type isn't for the faint of heart, but we're happy to make more. Pricing varies upon details and tannery, but for the true leather aficionado, a better choice will be hard to find.

Contact us here if you'd like to commission your own.



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  • Im interested in back pack similar to this. If you are still making these would like to know how long it would take and also pricing. Thank You

  • Hello, I am interested in the shell cordovan back pack. Are you still making this item, what would be the timeline and what is the cost of said bag?
    Thanks and cheers!

    Dave Bogush

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