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Our Three Fits

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The differences are intentionally subtle, but they make a big difference in feel.

How to Measure Your Jeans

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STR - Straight Leg

The STR straight leg is our most relaxed fit. All of our jeans use the
same top block, but the STR is more relaxed in the thigh and continues
down to our widest ankle opening. This fit is built to move around in,
to wear tall boots with, and get some work done without being baggy.

STR Size Guide

TPR - Tapered Leg

Our Tapered Leg fits the same as our STR Straight Leg from the knee up.
It tapers nicely to the ankle, matching our slim fit's ankle opening.
This is our favorite fit and a perfect everyday pair with room to spare,
but without excess fabric.

TPR Size Guide

SLM - Slim Fit

Our Slim fit has the same top block from the crotch up, but is slimmer
through the thigh, down to a slim ankle opening.  This is an excellent,
slimming fit for a night out on the town, while remaining comfortable at
the hips and waist with full coverage.

SLM Size Guide


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