Leather Care

Below you'll find a step-by-step guide with photos on how to apply our Old Fashioned Leather Treatment to condition and protect your leather goods, whether they're one of our products or from another company.  Conditioning your leather goods is easy and pain free! Just be sure to apply a small amount evenly throughout the piece and give it a good wipe down with a fresh rag at the end. For those wanting a step-by-step, keep reading below!
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Do no use on suede or fine leathers.
Step 1:
Apply a small amount to a cloth or rag. (old cut up t-shirts work great)
Do not use much! A little goes a long way. Trust us.
Step 2:
Rub gently and evenly into leather until the entire piece is coated. Reapply to rag as needed.
Continue to coat piece evenly. Move the piece around or open it if needed to ensure the smoothest coating.
Note: Don't let the piece sit too long while applying coats, or you may end up with streaking. This will fade once dried, so don't fret if you have some dark spots.
Step 3:
Once you've coated the entire piece, give it a quick once-over with a fresh rag to rub in any excess oils and let stand to dry. Notice the slight darkening of the leather below.
And that's it! Pretty simple right?  If you applied a little too much in some spots, don't fret. It will blend in as the oil dries to the touch.  Applying more to blend in the dark spots will darken leather futher.
Neatsfoot oil works on any of the leathers of the products we sell, as well as Chromexcel, Dublin, Harness, Bridle, and Veg Tan Leathers.
If you'd like to use our Old Fashioned Leather Treatment on your goods, click here.
We also recommend using Blackrock Leather N Rich. Apply the conditioner the same was as the the leather treatment oil. See below for how it cleaned up my Redwing Boots: