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Field Pack Class - Group Class - February 20-23, 2024

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Our Field Pack Class is now available for both private and group classes. This listing is for a group class. One seat is taken. 2 are open.


Date: February 20-23, 2024. 9-6 daily.

Details: 3 full days 9-6. Lunch and snacks included.

Location: Nashville, TN 10 minutes south of downtown.

Not included: Travel. Lodging. Breakfast. Dinner. Field Pack Pattern.


All photos shown are of student-made bags.

Past students include: Odin and Edward of Odin Leather Goods, Clay Simpson of Clayton and Crume, Todd Balsley of Clever Supply Co., Kyle of Phee's Original Goods, and many more.


Our Field Pack Class is designed to teach you all the necessary skills to take your leatherwork and bag making to the next level using the Field Pack as the medium to learn through. This class is taught by Michael Stricklin, owner and founder of Loyal Stricklin in our Nashville studio where we make everything already.

In our class you will learn:

  • How to make our Field Pack design start to finish
  • when and where to skive for a professional look and ease of assembly. how to take care of your skiver, sharpen the blade, etc.
  • how to line a bag.
  • binding
  • how to make zippers of any length
  • how to size a gusset, especially how to size a gusset with different size front and back panels
  • how I design
  • what types of leather to use for turned bags

  • Leather of your choice. Some people go with horween colors we already use, and others choose Italian leathers from RM leather supply or District Leather Supply.

  • you will use our entire shop during the class, including all of our adlers. We have a Duerkopp ADler 1767 flatbed, Duerkopp Adler 869 cylinder arm integrated motor binding machine, Duerkopp Adler 669 cylinder arm with flattop attachment, Duerkopp ADler 868 6" post bed machine with flat bed attachment, a Kwikprint stamping machine and a 16ton Hydraulic press. You will use all machines during class time.

  • I also share any and all knowledge I have on suppliers, techniques, business, social media, how to grow your own business. I do not gate keep during these classes. If I know the answer to a leather or business question you have, I will tell you in as much detail as possible. I generally charge $175/hr for consulting, so the value of information gained is worth it alone.

  • The Goal of the class is to take these skills back and utilize them in your own designs , to have a wheelhouse of repeatable techniques, and be confident in your skills and ability as you grow your craft and designs into bags.
  • Morning Day 2 until lunch, I teach a full and complete mini-class on how I design my bags and achieve a perfect fitting gusset everytime, no matter what shape your bag is.



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