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Johnny Wallet - Marbled Horween Shell Cordovan

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Clean. Minimalist. Stitchless. With a pocket for cards (up to 12 easily!), and a simple divider for half-folded cash or receipts, the Johnny Wallet folds into itself, and holds everything you need with no frills.

 Cards and cash slide in and out with ease, and the tucked-in tongue keeps everything secure. We even throw ours across the room sometimes to make sure--and it never disappoints! With no stitching to ever wear out, you'll be sure to not need a new wallet for years and years to come.

  • Made from Reverse Black Horween Shell Cordovan
  • Clean. Minimalist. Stitchless
  • Two pockets: 1 for cards. 1 for cash.
  • Holds up to 12 Cards easily
  • Made in USA

The wallet shown is only representative of the one you will receive. The markings could be different. Please choose more or less marbling in the drop box. 

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