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Leather Scraps - 5 lb - Italian Leathers - Pueblo / buttero / dollaro mix - NO FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM

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These scraps are more expensive but there is a much higher usability compared to the others. 90% of every box is high quality, while the other scrap boxes are maybe 50-75% good for full priced products. The italian scraps are also thinner, and therefor you could more square feet per pound.

Pieces in this listing are of excellent quality. most are 3-4 oz. some are 5 oz, but very little. you will be able to make a ton of perfect small wallets from these.

Please note, free shipping does not apply to this item. If you place an order and select free shipping, you will be sent a separate invoice for the shipping cost. Shipping rates depend on weight and how much you order. If you'd like a quote prior to ordering, send us an email at with the weight you want to order and your zip code and we will be happy to run a quote.

Discounts are also not allowed on this item. orders that are able to use a discount will be billed for the difference or your order will be cancelled.

Fake $20 bill not included. shown for scale.

 Mostly horween Chromexcel, italian leathers, some bridle, and wicket and Craig harness leathers. 3-5oz on average. Some heavy leathers in the 8-10 oz range but most boxes will be filled with around 5oz leathers. 

You'll receive a 5lb box full of scraps, equaling roughly 8-10 square feet.  For the hobbyist, you'll easily multiply your investment many times over.

This leather is good for wallets, small details, key chains, knife sheaths, etc, and is perfect for the hobbyist wanting leather from Horween or Wickett and craig without paying the price.

Pieces and boxes are chosen at random, although every box has a mix of piece sizes. No returns. Pictures are representations of the boxes. Every box and the size of pieces vary, although we do normally try to have a range of sizes in every box. We do our best to provide the best pieces we can, but at the end of the day, these are still scraps, and may contain pieces with scratches, wrinkles, stains, etc...

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