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The Edison Wallet was inspired by the famed American inventor and businessman. During his lifetime, he published well over 1,000 patents both domestic and abroad. Surely this level of invention would not have been possible without some place to scribbled down the constant influx of ideas, notes, and drawings needed to chronicle his relentless pursuit of creation.  

With this wallet, you’ll always have something to do when waiting on someone at a restaurant or coffee shop, whether it's writing down ideas or just doodling. It helps you to look up and take in your surroundings a bit more and your phone screen a bit less. You’ll collect old notebooks to line your bookshelves with your doodles and writings in it to look back on later, years down the road. Memories flood back, making your heart just a little better off. You'll hardly ever get that same feeling looking at something you posted on instagram, a note your wrote on your iphone, or a web bookmark you instantly forgot about. It's the physical presence of paper and real marks... the tactility of it that just makes it so wonderful. It has the power to take you back to a moment in your life that you’ve forgotten about only to show you how far you’ve come. Once you choose our Edison Wallet, you’ll wonder why you didn't have one before.

If you're familiar with our recently discontinued Travel Wallet, you'll see a number of details carry over into our new design. Below was our must haves in the new design:

  • Three Card Pockets
  • Easy access Cash pocket (behind card pockets)
  • Interior pen slot (that didn't show outside like before
  • Notebook

We also wanted to keep the same number of pockets on this design, but wanted a sleeker and slimmer appearance.  To do this, we removed the pockets from the outside, and instead put them inside, while linking the two side together in the middle.

This accomplishes two things:

  • sleeker and more coherent stitching 
  • reinforces the leather along the fold

We noticed on our original design that the leather would wrinkle on the edges of the fold, so in order to add more strength so this doesn't happen, we made sure that the entire wallet has at least two layers of leather at the edges for added durability. This allows the product to continue having same look throughout its life as we originally intended.

You'll also notice our switch to a new method of punching out stitch holes. We've moved away from the oversized holes and thread to a punch and thread size more consistent with the work we're doing. Not only does this allow for a more consistent look, but helps retain more strength in the leather than our previously style. Not to mention it looks so much better in our opinion both new and when worn.


This wallet allows for storage of a notebook on one side and your passport on the other, three card pockets to keep organized, and an additional pocket for receipts or additional cards behind the notebook, with a handy interior slot for a pen.

  • Wickett and Craig 4 oz Show Harness Leather
  • Hand-stitched with the traditional saddle stitch method.
  • 3 card pockets that easily holds 2-3 cards each
  • Waxed and burnished edges and card pockets.
  • Includes one Field Notes Brand Notebook and Loyal Stricklin stylus pen.


  • Use as a journal cover with business cards or as a slim notebook wallet.
  • We hide bigger bills that we don't want seen and cards rarely used in the notebook pocket so that they are accessible only if you open the notebook to the back page.

We also create a Minimalist version for those who don't need to carry as much, but still want a pen and notebook with them (or simply want a field notes cover without having an entire wallet to carry)

See more colors and styles below.

Edison Wallet in Honey

Edison Wallet in Whiskey

Edison Wallet in Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather

Edison Wallet In Espresso 

Minimalist Edison Wallet in Chestnut



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  • Hello, I’m interested in the Edison Wallet in Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather. Is it still Available. Please send me product & price information. Thank you,

    Mark Halvorson on
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    Carla on
  • Any chance you are still making the Edison Wallet in whiskey ?? Would love to get back to my Field Note days.

    Dylan Keck on
  • interested in the Edison wallet in chestnut.

    Please send me pricing and availibility

    Michael Strickland on

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