The Original Aviator Mug

When we began Loyal Stricklin, our Aviator Mug was a surprising and instant hit. This product has been the gateway that allowed us to expand, hire employees, change studio spaces three times in one year, and create an entire line of well-made goods. We will forever be grateful for what this product has done for us, so below is a collection of photos featuring our mugs, both from our own archives and shared with us by our wonderful customers.

 We believe in this product, not because it's done well for us, but because of what it enables. The Aviator Mug engages the senses. It is not a cold, metal or plastic mug. From the softness and feel of the leather, to its smell, the way it changes with use and age, and the warmth it embodies, The Aviator Mug invites you to sit and be still for a while, to take in the moment or share it with someone else, and to relax. Even still, it revels in adventure, begging to venture into the world beyond with you, to experience life and brave the elements.  

The Aviator Mug is our constant companion. From morning coffee during a normal day, to the Oregon coast, even on our 6,000 mile cross-country road trip this summer, the Aviator Mug goes everywhere with us. And whenever were camping? We always, always have an Aviator Mug or two with us! Our dream is for you to feel the same way.

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  • Will you be bringing back the Aviator Mug?

    Stephen Donnelly

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