Loyal Bespoke: Fully Lined Black Glazed Alligator Passport Wallet

Loyal Bespoke: Fully Lined Black Glazed Alligator Passport Wallet

Our most recently completed Bespoke project: a Black Glazed American Alligator Passport/Notebook Wallet with a French Chevre fully lined interior. For those who do not know, fully lined means that every single piece of leather is backed by another piece of leather, with no piece of suede/flesh exposed. That means that this piece has enough leather in it to make two entire wallets, for a total of 12 layers of leather, while remaining a thin and usable 6mm thick when closed. If you put a finger behind one of the pockets, you will fine more of the same luxuriously smooth leather shown on the outside. We opted for a two tone look, with anthracite grey stitching and black polished edges to complete the look. This wallet took 10 hours to complete.

We chose to fully line this piece for several reasons:

-To add a more luxurious touch

-to allow the cards and passport to slide in and out of their pockets more easily

-to ensure greater quality and longevity of use

This was has been carefully, cut, stitched, and assembled complete by hand. The only machine used on this entire project was our heated too that helps seal and polish the edges of each piece to a luxuriously smooth finish.

This piece is available for purchase here for $750.

Please note, that this piece is made from Grade III Alligator skin, which means the gator has natural markings or scars in 3 out of 4 quardrants on the belly (the piece used here). The markings can be seen in the photos below.

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