Johnny Slim - Badalassi Carlo Cognac Nemesis Leather

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Our best selling Johnny Wallet is now smaller and more compact. Our customers have been requesting a parred-down version for just cards for a while now, and we are finally happy to the wait is over.

With a pocket for cards (up to 6-8 easily!), and a simple divider for twice-folded cash, receipts,  or a quick-draw card pocket, the Johnny Wallet folds into itself, and holds everything you need with no frills.

Cards and cash slide in and out with ease, and the tucked-in tongue keeps everything secure. We even throw ours across the room sometimes to make sure--and it never disappoints! With no stitching to ever wear out, you'll be sure to not need a new wallet for years and years to come.

CF Stead's Crazy Cow leather is a waxed suede, meaning the surface is removed to reveal the suede, and then waxed smooth and finished in an aniline (see through) dye. This leather is full of character and the deeper markers and mixed texture to this leather is intentional and not considered a defect like it might be on other, smooth leathers.

  • Made from 3oz Cognac Nemesis Leather From Badalassi Carlo in Italy
  • Clean. Minimalist. Stitchless
  • Two pockets: 1 for cards. 1 for twice-folded cash.
  • Made in USA
  • 2.5 inches x 4 inches. Thickness is 3/16” empty